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In response to this post on The Atlantic:
A New Era for Books: The Random House-Penguin Merger Is Just the Start

The merger of Random House and Penguin unquestionably represents an enormous change in the scale of publishing companies. It is a direct response to the power of the digital marketplace, but shifting ownership in the publishing industry is nothing new…

…It is widely assumed that this type of consolidation will continue, with the likelihood of further mergers among the Big Six, or the acquisition of independent publishers in the belief that scale is an advantage in dealing with the giants of technology and e-commerce…

I made this comment:

I agree.

In economics, there’s a concept called the Rule of Three.   Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve been conversing with two authors I know and my wife about a windmill titling idea: what could a small book store do in order to survive the current decline.  One of these authors, Damon Courtney, is an old friend (I think we met in 1990 or ’91 playing Dungeons & Dragons), who also maintains The Pauper’s Book Club for inexpensive Kindle Books.  The other, Peter Cawdron, I met after offering up my critiques and support for his new writing project.  The conversations occurs through e-mails which were general in nature.  I’m not sure if such an idea if viable, but it’s a fun exercise.  What do you think a local book store could do to not only survive, but thrive in an industry dominated by