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The publishing industry finds itself in the throws of monumental change, perhaps equal to or greater than the invention of the Gutenberg Press.  This ins’t hyperbole.  The greatest agent of change, the hero or the villain depending on your point of view, is Amazon.  I’m not an Amazon fanboy, though I might be considered a Kindle enthusiast.  I had a Kindle in my hand the day after Bezos announced it, where previously I had been contemplating the Sony Reader.  I’ve been following Amazon since the high flying ’90s as well as the publishing industry of late – and I think Amazon employs some pretty nasty tactics at times and gets away with being a bully.  That being said, it’s also subject to the same market forces that drive companies to success or failure every day in free and open markets.

So, I’ve owned my iPad for a few weeks now and I absolutely love this device. I eagerly wanted to see how the iPad fared as an e-reader, particularly when compared to my trusty Kindle.

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